With Moments to Live, Do What?

Thanksgiving Day, 1996 – Ethiopian Air with 163 passengers and a dozen crew members was hijacked by escaped convicts. They insisted on a destination for which the plane did not have enough fuel. When it became obvious that the plane was going down, the captain announced to everyone, “Listen, Guys, we’re all dead people. There is no argument now.”

Only six people survived the crash. One was the wife of missionary and evangelist Andy Meakin. She reported that “people began to scream and others began to pray.” She also shared another detail that was omitted from the official report:

“As soon as the captain told us we were going to crash, I heard the distinct snap of my husband’s seat belt. He was up and out of his chair. Going down the aisle row by row, he earnestly shared the gospel of Christ with any who would listen. Before the sickening screech of twisting metal and the 110 mph crash of our plane into the water, Andy had signaled me that 20 passengers had trusted Jesus for their salvation. Andy never made it back to the safety of his seat belt. But he took twenty souls with him to paradise.”

With moments to live, what would you do? Panic or preach? Scream or serve? Whine or witness?


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