Why Do I Hate Sin? Why Should I?

”We must hate all sin…and not only because it troubles us. Love for Christ because he went to the cross, and hate for sin that sent him there, is a solid foundation for true spiritual mortification. To seek mortification only because a sin troubles us proceeds from self-love. If you hate sin as sin, you will be watchful against everything that grieves the Spirit” (Owens, 1987).  This includes sins of omission as well as sins of commission.

Do you hate your foul mouth, ill temper, lustful thoughts, immorality, or gossiping tongue because it causes you or others trouble…or…do you hate it because it is a sin that caused the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus Christ?


Owen, J. (1987). Works of John Owen. Vol. VI, 40-42. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth.


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