Christians Need the Whole Bible!

bible and penPerhaps you’ve heard the phrase “New Testament church” or “New Testament Christian” as some declaration of your source of doctrine or authority for your beliefs. The intent is noble, but remember that Jesus did not come to abolish the law (Old Testament), but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17). Nowhere in the New Testament are we told or taught to reject or abandon the Old Testament. Consider the words of the late Alec Matea:
“That blank page between Malachi and Matthew is a real problem. You should tear that out of your Bible because you need a whole Bible to make a whole Christian.”  I can just hear some old preacher of another era say, “New Testament Church? Baa!  They might as well say, ‘Half Bible Church’!”
Allistair Begg notes that our understanding of the New Testament cannot be complete without the Old nor can the Old Testament be understood apart from the fulfillment of its prophecies in the Lord Jesus Christ found in the New Testament.
Perhaps we should be “Whole Bible Christians” worshiping and serving in and through “Whole Bible Churches.”

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