When In Doubt…

As a boy attending a private Christian school in central Florida in the 70’s, I heard an oft repeated phrase: “When in doubt, don’t.”

That term was intended to be a guide for us as young Christians when it came to making decisions about things that may or may not be worthy of our high calling in Jesus or just down right sinful and meant to lure us away from Him. It was good advice.

Warp forward to the 21st century.  I look around at what passes for normal and acceptable in terms of the culture and am constantly appalled. Among many other things, sexual morality is mocked. Foul language is common in media.  Humor is filthy; the raunchier the better. Faith has been reduced from a total commitment of all areas of one’s life to the most minimal of ascents to some basic facts about Jesus.

Christians largely reject notions of holiness (read: separation from and rejection of the world’s value system) while finding easy means of rationalizing any and all selfish and sinful behavior. There is little discernment guiding decision-making about what the believer will allow into his/her life.

We moved from “when in doubt, don’t” to “when in doubt, check it out.”  And we’ve done it at our peril. The Church, called of God to be a preserving influence for righteousness in society (salt), has given up that role (lost its saltiness) in favor of participation with the world. (Satan has gotten even better at making wrong look right and attractive.) Without a counter offensive against sin/evil, the Church is watching almost helplessly as our culture disintegrates more and more (and more rapidly) into an amoral cesspool. And when it crosses a line in the near future that even the most carnal of Christians cannot tolerate, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.


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