The Power of United Prayer

Praying Together

A Facebook friend posted this story from William McDonald’s Daily Devotion:

A missionary and his party on safari had to spend the night in an area infested with brigands. They committed themselves to the Lord’s care then retired.

Months later when a brigand chief was brought to a mission hospital, he recognized the missionary. “We intended to rob you that night out in the open country, but we were afraid of your 27 soldiers.”

Later, when the missionary shared this account in a newsletter to his home church, one of the members told him, “We had a prayer meeting that same night and there were 27 of us present.”

When our God beholds us there,
Pleading in the place of prayer,
Then the tide of battle turns,
Then the flame of conquest burns,
Then the flag of truth prevails,
Foes slink back and Satan quails!
Then the faltering wail of fear
Turns to victory’s ringing cheer!
Bring us, Lord, O bring us there,
Where we learn prevailing prayer.

My thanks to Jimmy York of Columbia, Kentucky for sharing this.


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