The Lord’s Hour?

“Whenever our experience of worship is so devalued and our notion of the Lord’s Day is so disintegrated so as to conceive of it in such a way that we believe that religious exercises [Sunday services] are supposed to get over and done with as fast as they possibly can so that we can ‘get on with the day’ then we stand condemned before the fourth commandment.” – Alistair Begg

It’s about 11:50 on a typical Sunday morning in a typical American church. They youngest and oldest in the sanctuary between to twist around to check the clock on the back wall. The others are more likely to glance at a watch or cellular phone. It is obvious that they are interested in the time so they might perhaps gauge the duration of the service.

Often, that simple act results in a twinge of disappointment. Unfortunately, that feeling is not because they aren’t yet ready to leave the worship experience and the fellowship experience, but the reverse. They are too ready to go. They have had their fill and are ready to check this religious activity off their list of weekly obligations so they might proceed to the next thing.

Wouldn’t it be something if Christians got so absorbed in the corporate worship of God with their church family that all sense of time was forgotten, that His glory and majesty and power consumed them so fully that the idea of leaving brought sadness because they just didn’t want it to end?

For a rich treatment of the blessing that the Sabbath is to the Church, listen to Alistair’s four-part message “Holy Day or Holiday” at in the archives section.

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