Jesus is My Portion

The old hymn His Eye is on the Sparrow includes the line “Jesus is my portion, my constant Friend is He; His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.” And in the Scriptures, we find this popular verse: “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26 NIV).

The word portion is not common today. It refers to a part of something…some resource…that meets a particular need. If you think of food, then the idea of portions suggest different kinds of food meeting particular nutritional needs of your body.

Jesus, then, is our portion or our resource for ALL of our needs. Reading a devotion from Thomas Brooks this morning I found a powerful explanation of the Lord as our portion. For emphasis’ sake, I’ll take some liberty in the formatting of the text. Listen…

“Our God is a suitable portion. No object is as suitable to the heart as He is. His a portion that is exactly suited to the condition of the soul in its desires, wants, longings, and prayers. All the soul needs is found in God. There is…

LIGHT to ENLIGHTEN the soul,
WISDOM to COUNSEL the soul,
POWER to SUPPORT the soul,
GOODNESS to SUPPLY the soul,
MERCY to PARDON the soul,
BEAUTY to DELIGHT the soul,
GLORY to RAVISH the soul, and
FULLNESS to FILL the soul.

Health is not more suitable to a sick man, wealth to a poor man, bread to a hungry man, drink to a thirty man, clothes to a naked man, balm to a wounded man, ease to a tormented man, and pardon to a condemned man, than this portion is to all the needs of man.

No earthly portion can suit an immortal soul.”

Yes, Jesus is our portion. Who can satisfy like Jesus? In the fourth verse of the hymn Just As I  Am, this line sums up, for me, the idea of Jesus as my portion: “Yes, all I need in Thee I find, Oh Lamb of God…”


Brooks, T. (2001). Works of Thomas Brooks. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth.

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