In a Meaningful Way

The other day I was driving to work and, as I often do, I offered a sentence prayer for the driver who passed me. I said aloud, “Father, I pray for that guy. May he encounter Jesus today in a meaningful way.”

No sooner had the words left my lips when I realized the implications of what I’d said and the reality of what I was asking. I could’ve stopped with “May he encounter Jesus today.”  Why? Because any encounter with Jesus is meaningful, significant, and life-changing.

I started thinking about the individuals that encountered Jesus; the woman at the well, Zaccheaus, the rich young ruler, the woman with the issue of blood, Bartimaeus, and Paul! Oh, my…Paul…on the Damascus Road.

When Jesus meets you, He does so with an agenda. He wants to change you. If you were to ask anyone who encountered Jesus when He walked the earth so long ago if it changed them in some way, I am confident that every last one of them would answer, “Yes!”  The same is true today. Suddenly, the ramifications of my little prayer are more far-reaching that I first realized.

Five words. Two or three seconds. “May he encounter Jesus today.” Beware the bald guy in the white van! He might be praying that for you.


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