If I Ruled the World…for Now

Do you ever think about things you’d change if you were “in charge?”  I do.  Now, I know that someday, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ will rule the earth in peace for a thousand years.  But, until He comes, I’d like a shot at “Temporary Chief Regent of Earth.”  I think I could fix a few things.  See if you don’t agree.  And, if you have some ideas for changes I could make, feel free to email them to me at fredlmillerjr@gmail.com.


If I Ruled the World, for now…

  1. Clothing sizes would be universally consistent.  No matter where you go, a Size 6 would be a Size 6, not a 4 or 8.
  2. For every speeding ticket a policeman writes, he must write one for someone too slow!  What is that? A “slowly ticket?”
  3. Every automobile manufacturer would have to provide at least one model with every bell and whistle option in its assembly plant, from refrigerated cup holders to power outlets in the trunk.
  4. Website owners or managers would have to pass a speling test before they are granted access to millions of people who hate mispelled words and badly grammar.
  5. Any article of “street clothing” manufactured from Spandex would be limited to sizes “small” and “medium.”  This should be self-explanatory.
  6. All infomercials and “order-now-but-wait-there’s-more” commercials will appear ONLY on their own special analog, over-the-air channel.
  7. Cell phone manufacturers must wait a full year between models so I don’t buy a new one only to have a better one come out the following week and leave me stuck with the one I bought for two years.

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