God’s Preeminent Word

The absence of the Bible in evangelical Christianity now is epidemic and phenomenonally scary but not to those who aren’t reading it and preaching it.

– Alistair Begg

Reading book after book about what the Bible says without reading the Bible itself is like looking at photograph after photograph of the one you love and never actually looking at him or her. Something dynamic is lost. A dimension is missing. Direct contact is critical and can never be replaced in either case.

The more pastors and leaders (including parents) ignore the Scriptures, even unintentionally, in favor of other books about biblical topics, the more they undermine it’s authority and diminish its prominence and power in the minds of those in their charge. And, it is not enough to reference a text in a sort of passing notion on the way to quote and praise what some author – ancient, modern or in between – has to say about it.

That is not to suggest that godly writers have nothing of value to say about what the Bible has to say about a thing. Let the scales tip well in favor of the Scriptures themselves, however. In this way, the saints will grasp and appreciate the preeminence of God’s Word and, by their direct contact and knowledge of it, guard against doctrinal error in the writings of mortal men.

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