Dirty Linens

Mr. and Mrs. Smith had watched, from their kitchen window, as their new backyard neighbor moved in.  One particular morning, they saw her hanging sheets on her clothesline.

“Eeewww,” said Mrs. Smith with alarm.  “Those are the dingiest white sheets I’ve ever seen!  She needs to bleach them.”  Mr. Smith was much less interested, but did noticed that the sheets looked a bit yellow.

A few days later, they noticed the lady hanging out sheets again; same thing…dingy yellow.  This went on for over a month and Mr. Smith grew tired of his wife’s obsession with the neighbor’s linens.

Finally, the following week, Mrs. Smith looked out and saw the neighbor hanging out the whitest sheets she’d ever seen.  “That’s amazing,” she said as her husband passed through the kitchen toward the garage.  “I wonder what happened…”

Without slowing down, Mr. Smith said, “I washed the window.”

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