Closer to Home

Dear Christian Family and Friends,

Thanks for taking the time to learn of my need and for considering joining me in prayer. Here’s a brief description of the situation:

– In 2015, my position at Campbellsville was eliminated.

– In 2017, I started working and living in Southeast Iowa. It was the only viable financial option.

– In April…last month…I finished the doctorate I started in 2014 while at Campbellsville. Loan payments start in six months.

– Renee and I have three young (and awesome) children as well as grandchildren we help with. She is a functioning single parent while I am in Iowa and visit only about one a quarter. Travel is not cheap.

My prayer and goal is to find a university job to which I can commute or from which I can come home on weekends. Timing is now an issue. Contracts expire and apartment leases are due soon. Gaps in employment affect health insurance.

This is the time of year universities hire new staff, but it is a lengthy process. I’ve had some good interviews, but those positions have gone to other candidates. I am disappointed about those positions but not devastated. I have faith in God and trust in the hiring people. Every “no” is an indication of that He wants me to serve elsewhere.

So…knowing God’s timing is seldom early, never late, and always perfect…I am setting aside three days – today through Tuesday – as a season of fasting and prayer. I would be honored to have you join me in prayer; not just for the three days but especially for these days. The desire of my heart is know what He wants me to know and go where He wants me to go and do what He wants me to do.

Thank you for considering this request.

May our great God grant you favor,

Fred Miller

  • phyllis shoenleben
    May 13, 2018

    praying for you Fred and this situation.

  • Carla A.
    May 13, 2018

    Fred, I understand the fear and anxiety that comes with waiting, and I pray you’ll find resolution soon. It would be so convenient to have our timing and our answers be God’s, but how awesome to know something even better is waiting for you in a time you may not be expecting – you are just that special. I envision just as we plan and stay up late wrapping presents or preparing for a big event for one of our kids, God is wrapping up a great blessing for you that He planned before you even knew you needed it. ♥ Rest assured, my friend, you are not alone in prayer.

  • Diana Derringer
    May 13, 2018


    • Fred
      May 13, 2018


      Thank you so much! God is faithful and good.

  • Wendy Bryant
    May 13, 2018

    I will be praying for you also. I’m going to pray that God leads you to the right position soon. I understand your concern, worry, or maybe even scared. But I know you know God promises to take care of us. And he will. I’m going to pray that God brings you closer to home to be with your family. Hang in there God has BIG plans for you and your family!! I can’t wait to see these prayers unfold! ❤️❤️

    • Fred
      May 13, 2018


      Thank you so much!

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