“Churchanity” Won’t Save You

Years ago, Billy Graham used the word “Churchanity” in one of his crusade sermons. He was making two critical points. First, only faith in Jesus Christ will save you. Second, nothing else will…including those things we commonly associate with being religious or Christian.

Under the banner of Churchanity, we find several common elements that, sadly, many people rely on individually or collectively to save them (get them into heaven). Here’s a list:

  • Membership
  • Attendance (showing up)
  • Participation (involvement after showing up)
  • Stewardship (financial support)
  • Service (teaching, leading, holding an office/position)
  • Fellowship (special events often involving food and fun)

These things, individually or in combination, will not save a soul.  On the other hand, a souls saved by Christ will live a life that makes “being” the church a high priority including all these areas.

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