Christians and Tattoos

While reading a blog post for one of my courses, I noticed the author had additional posts on his website. One mentioned Christians and tattoos. When I clicked on it, I found a link to one of the late Charles Colson’s Breakpoint programs.  In the span of 3-4 minutes, Colson offers some compelling thoughts that Christians should consider before getting inked.

Click here to read or listen to the program.

I agree with Colson that Christians should not get tattoos because of (a) their association with paganism and (b) mistreatment of the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. I would add that tattoos fall into the category of acts that may cause a brother to stumble. Paul said, regarding meat offered to idols, that if it offends a brother, he would not eat the meat. The point is that no one is likely to be offended or stumble if you don’t get a tattoo, but the chance is good that they might if you did.

Where does that leave the Christian who has a little or a lot of ink? And the lost person with lots of “tats?”  The former is not under condemnation, but grace. He can stop adding more tattoos and seek the Lord for ways to turn the existing ones into a testimony for His glory. The latter is free to come to Christ for salvation “just as she is” and experience new birth and joy in Him. She will bear a mark on her heart and soul that can show bigger and brighter than any mark on her skin.

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